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The food as delicious they are really friendly ... read more
Rozimari Ancewicz via - Jun 13, 2021
Great service and even better food! They were really great with accommodating gluten free options.
Max via - Jun 13, 2021
Food was great and so was the service. Alyssa ... read more
Marlene Viteri via - Jun 13, 2021
love ... read more
Becca Bastos via - Jun 5, 2021
Best bbq ... read more
Lisa Muscles via - Jun 1, 2021
Food is phenomenal.
Danielle B via - Jun 1, 2021
Great BBQ ... read more
Bobby Messano via - Jun 1, 2021
A bit disappointing. Menu is still not full. Would of enjoyed ribs more if I could have chosen if I wanted bbq sauce or not since I find their sauce to be a bit spicy. I really wanted the prime rib.
C N via - May 17, 2021
Always great food and good service ... read more
Brian B via - May 17, 2021
First time doing take out. It was great.
Ronald Kofsky via - May 11, 2021
My father and sister were raving about this place but it was pretty mediocre for me. The TSR burger tasted like it had absolutely no seasoning on it--just mozzarella and bacon. The ribs were alright. The stuffed shrimp and the rice it comes ontop of was very good. Not really a fan of this place, however, the espresso martini was the ... read more
C. Thomas via - May 2, 2021
I remember it being more tasty. Haven't been there in years.
Garry Thomas via - May 1, 2021
Was great, first time I'd been to one in many years! I'd def go bk for sure!
thomas houghton via - Apr 16, 2021
Great food and service.. A little pricey but you get a awesome meal..
M 998 HMMWV via - Apr 4, 2021
Great food and I loved the price employees super friendly ... read more
Sandy Herrera via - Apr 3, 2021
Muy buenas comidas ... read more
Francisco Mรฉndez via - Mar 21, 2021
Just went to dinner there tonight, the food was really good, big portions, recommend this place highly.
Lisa Breen via - Mar 20, 2021
Went there to have dinner with my sister. Large portion's, & I recommend the riblets, steakhouse burger highly. Also enjoyed drink's, & service. ๐Ÿ”๐ŸŸ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿธ ... read more
John Breen via - Mar 20, 2021
Great food, nice ambiance and worth the modest price! Definitely going there again.
Ariel Colon via - Mar 5, 2021
Exceptional spot to get something when in a rush. Their service is fast, rates are reasonable, great ambience. Highly recommended ... read more
Quentin Hebert via - Mar 1, 2021
Ribs are delicious and the staff is very friendly ... read more
Ed via - Mar 1, 2021
It was delicious!!
Ana Castellanos via - Feb 27, 2021
Great food and service!
Michael Horowitz via - Feb 25, 2021
One of the best restaurants in Commack, delicious, tasty, good drinks, friendly staff and cozy!
Abdullah Hayajneh via - Feb 16, 2021
Loved it food was excellent service was awesome too and they take precautions during this pandemic ... read more
Carolyn Hartley via - Feb 1, 2021
Excellent Five stars We started off with the salad OMG I had meatloaf mashed potatoes and green beans and he had the baby back ribs. Everything was delicious ... read more
Cheryl Dargis via - Jan 27, 2021
Still amazing Love the food and the service friendly staff absolutely the best ... read more
Desi Lainez via - Jan 23, 2021
Food is ok. Service was excellent. Dessert were excellent! Had a porterhouse steak and it was to thin for the price. I was expecting a two inch thick steak! Char on the outside and pink on in side. Flavor was good but size does matter in a stake.
Patrick Bruno via - Jan 19, 2021
Amazing portions. Great atmosphere. Wonderful service. Delicious food. What more can you ask for?? ... read more
Sean M via - Jan 15, 2021
Always great food and great service!
Tim Larrick via - Jan 15, 2021
Good food, nice atmosphere, and the staff are always courteous & friendly!
Paul Rum via - Jan 13, 2021
I love it, I always have a great experience. The food and service are always great, definitely recommend it.
Veronica A via - Dec 9, 2020
Great food and great service ... read more
Angel gomez via - Dec 9, 2020
Decent food for the price ... read more
anthony fischetti via - Nov 30, 2020
I love the food here... except for the corn. The corn always has a tough texture to it. Ironically, their cornbread is amazing.
Tim F. via - Nov 28, 2020
Delicious.... So much I couldn't finish but took it home.. To good to waste.
Natalee Fagone via - Nov 28, 2020
Our waitress was great and the food prepared well and was a great value. We loved the place.
Frank Marotta via - Nov 22, 2020
Food is always Good ... read more
Aisa Loadholt via - Nov 20, 2020
Good service and the food get fast at the table i like that ... read more
Frank Baez via - Nov 8, 2020
Thanks again Kailee !!
Rob P via - Nov 5, 2020
Bartender was so friendly and as accommodating as she could be. In this day and age however, I found it extremely frustrating not to be able to have a burger wrapped in lettuce or on a bed of lettuce as an alternative to a bun. It just made no sense to me.
Kimberly Valdemira via - Oct 31, 2020
Best restaurant ever Been eating there for decades ... read more
Maria Collins via - Oct 25, 2020
One of my preferred places to grab something to eat. awesome location, well organised, and great service. 5 stars!
Maurice Towner via - Oct 19, 2020
Incredible food and great service ... read more
Tim L via - Oct 19, 2020
Great meal. Reasonable price. The lobster special is outstanding and well worth the trip ... read more
Kate N via - Oct 18, 2020
Food is always good. Even take out order are hot and correct!
Colleen Hartung via - Oct 8, 2020
Food is out of this world!!! Great service too!
catherine humel via - Oct 4, 2020
Great food. Excellent service ... read more
Lino Gottardo via - Sep 30, 2020
Great meal. Reasonable price. Went for the lobster special. Was outstanding.
Michael Beberman via - Sep 19, 2020
Great riblets and shrimp ... read more
Christopher Russell via - Sep 16, 2020
Food and service was great. Clean too. They take your temp before you go in. Felt safe from Covid.
Angelina Thomas via - Sep 12, 2020
Always delicious chicken and ribs however, the lobster was great as well!!!
Debra Kowalsky via - Sep 9, 2020
The resturant is packed out. We did curbside. There was a ton of food. Everything was good. We got ribs, chopped salad, onion ring app.
Wandering_Freee via - Sep 7, 2020
The rest of the food is good, but DO NOT order corn. Every time I have corn here, it tastes tough, almost like well-done beef.
E. O'Rourke via - Aug 10, 2020
Everything there is great, getting a little pricey but worth it every once in a while.
Jojoman57 via - Aug 5, 2020
์œ„์ƒ์ ์ด๊ณ  ์‹ฑ์‹ฑํ•œ ์žฌ๋ฃŒ๋กœ ์ธํ•ด ๋ง›์ด ์ข‹์•˜์Œ ... read more
๋ฏผ๊ฒฝ์ค€ via - Aug 5, 2020
Great food!
Vicky Jacobson via - Jul 18, 2020
The service was great. My waitress Shayna was very attentive and she wore a mask given the circumstances of COVID-19. The food was delicious, I had baby back ribs and fries. The pulled pork sandwich is definitely your monies worth in portion size!!
Shainice Laylor via - Jul 9, 2020
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