Weekday Specials

Monday Sept 26- Thursday Sept 29

*NY Shell Steak    25.99

Flame grilled marinated NY Shell steak 

served with one side, salad

Osso Bucco    21.99

Slow roasted Pork Shank for 12 hours served

over pasta with a mushroom natural brown gravy served with salad

Weekend Specials 

Friday Sept 30- Sunday Oct 2

Autumn Stuffed Pork Chop     21.99

Slow roasted thick cut pork chop stuffed with apple chutney,

served over cornbread stuffing and topped

with natural cider gravy served with salad

Francaise Combo   27.99

Sautéed Sea Bass and shrimp with lemon butter 

wine sauce, with one side and a salad

Special Starter

Boneless Wings

Thai, Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan

Special Dessert  

Homemade Hot Apple Crumb Pie

Decadent homemade apple pie topped 

with a buttery sweet cinnamon crumb topping 

served with vanilla ice cream

From the Bar  

Apple Cider Martini

Vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, apple cider, 

maple syrup with a cinnamon sugar rim